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Teeth Empress Restorations in Alpine

Empress® Restorations

At Alpine Dentistry, we aim to help patients maintain optimal oral health while creating attractive, long-lasting smiles. With Empress® Restorations, our office can rebuild and enhance smiles with dental veneers, crowns, inlays, and onlays that offer naturally beautiful aesthetics, excellent strength, and durability.

As fabricated from advanced glass ceramic dental materials, Empress® restorations reflect and scatter light in a way that produces the translucency and appearance of natural teeth. Further complementing these outstanding aesthetic qualities are the material's intrinsically high cohesive strength, flexural strength, and fracture toughness. Among the advantages of being a heat-pressed glass ceramic, Empress® restorations can withstand the forces, stresses, and strains of oral function to maintain their appearance, integrity, and performance with long-lasting results.

Experience the following benefits with Empress® restorations:

  • Lifelike translucency and aesthetics comparable to natural teeth
  • An adaptive chameleon-like capacity to achieve optimal shade match and blend seamlessly with your smile
  • Metal-free
  • Biocompatible
  • Gentle to surrounding tissues and opposing teeth
  • Strong, durable, and stain-resistant restorations that look good for years to come

With 20 years of proven clinical success, Empress® restorations offer a versatile solution to enhance and rebuild smiles.

  • Empress® Veneers - Conceal imperfections to improve the look of teeth that are misshapen, have minor chips, enamel defects, or stains. Empress® veneers also provide an excellent solution for closing small gaps and addressing other minor alignment issues.
  • Empress® Crowns - With outstanding aesthetics and strength, these metal-free crowns resemble a natural tooth in its entirety and do not exhibit a dark margin at the gumline.
  • Empress® Inlays/Onlays - Offering several advantages over amalgam fillings, these restorations improve tooth strength and offer a natural appearance and excellent stain resistance.
  • Empress® Bridges - Rebuild your smile's appearance and function with naturally beautiful results.
Existing Patients: (619) 445-8896
New Patients: (619) 728-4401